It’s about your About

MEHow’s your About page treating you these days?

Is it generating leads or gathering dust?

My hunch is your About page isn’t pulling its weight.

A good About page is supposed to:

  • Make you look more professional.
  • Position you as an expert.
  • Help you close deals.

But if it’s written incorrectly — in other words, if it’s all about you — it’ll never work.

Don’t feel bad — we all make the same mistake

Here’s a quote from my About page circa 2005, back when I built websites:

We offer beautiful web design and a unique client experience that sets us apart from other web companies.

“Beautiful web design”? “Unique client experience”? Flowery language like that makes me cringe to read it now.

But worse is the fact that it says absolutely nothing either about or to the people I was trying to target… A common mistake.

I’ve talked already about how your About page should be about your prospects, not you. It needs to give your prospects a reason to do business with you.

Skip the BS about how you’ve been in business for 12 years, or how you got such-and-such degree at design college.

Nobody cares.

So why does everybody do it?

Well, writing about your prospects is hard. It’s difficult to get into a potential client’s head and figure out what makes them tick — and even more difficult to get them to say “Yes, you understand me… Please talk to me about building a website.”

But hey, I get it. We’re all busy. Sometimes when we’re overworked and faced with a choice between difficult and easy, we choose easy. It’s human nature.

But just because it’s human nature doesn’t mean it isn’t hurting your business.

Prospects want to hear about their own problems. They want to know you understand them, and that maybe you can offer a solution to whatever pain they’re having.

How to have an impact on your prospect

To make an impact in today’s busy, fast-paced world, your About page needs to tell prospects two things: why they should keep reading, and why they should think about asking you to solve their website problem.

I’m going to let you in on a (not so) secret formula. It’s how to write an About page, in a nutshell:

  • Give it a powerful headline that promises the benefits a business would get by working with you.
  • Have the headline lead into an introduction that gives the basics of what your company does.
  • Provide social proof, like testimonials or case studies.
  • Tell some details about your company.
  • Make a non-threatening call to action, such as “sign up for our email series,” “download a Getting Started guide,” etc.

That’s it.

It looks ridiculously obvious when I write it out like that, but I’m telling you… it’s magic. That one simple sequence will transform your About page into a lead-generating machine.

Prospects will beat down your door to have you build their website, and all because I taught you a formula.

Just, uh, promise me you’ll remember where you got it when they ask you for website content.

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  1. Great advice Aaron, and I try to follow it like a zucchini….er…zebra….ummm…oh, zealot! Darn auto-complete.

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