Poker, another pivot, and a palm to the face

pokerSad news, faithful reader. This will be my last new blog post for the summer.

Wait. What?

Yes, just a few short weeks ago I announced with excitement that I was taking this blog in a new direction.

That, to put it bluntly, was a mistake.

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(Almost) Summer reading

sand-castleI’m on vacation this week but I thought you’d enjoy reading my most popular blog posts.

See you again a week from now.

My most popular posts


You can charge what you want — if you have these three qualities

piggy bank

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Of pivots and pirates: how (and why) I’m changing this blog


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How to handle 3 common objections to selling content services

Bill Cosby

The astute reader will realize that no, this is not the blog post that I said would run this week on My Big-Ass Blog Pivot™ .  Why? I’m an opportunist, and a lazy one at that… I wrote most of the material below in preparation for a sales call and … [Continue reading]

Why no-one reads my blog (and probably not yours, either)


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