5 things your readers wish you knew about your website content

a content wishIf you’ve been paying attention to me for any length of time you’ve probably figured it out by now… To get found in the search engines you need content. To win over clients once they make it to your site, you need content. To close the deal, you need… Content!

But not all web content is created equal. Some of it’s great. Some ain’t worth the pixels it’s printed on.

If your clients could tell you about the content that’s on your site now — and what they wish was there — they might say… this.

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What NOT to do when you’re starting a content marketing program

What not to do with content marketingSo you’ve decided your business needs a content marketing program. (And with good reason… Your competitors are pumping out more content than ever.)

Awesomesauce. Content-driven marketing is more cost-effective than traditional marketing, less likely to alienate your potential buyers, and more conducive to building loyal commercial relationships.

But it’s not enough to just decide “Hey, we need some content!” and then immediately start producing or outsourcing it.

If you want your content marketing efforts to succeed, you need to know what to do — and, more importantly, what not to do.

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The biggest problem with your web content — and how you can fix it

web content mistake

Your website needs content to get indexed by search engines and found by prospective customers. But many business owners (not you, of course… right?) publish content that has one huge problem: it's all about what they want, not what their clients … [Continue reading]

Hiring a website copywriter: 4 things you should know

hire a writer

Listen... You may feel you need to be personally responsible for every single aspect of your business, both online and off. But it can be healthy for both your bottom line and your sanity to hand some things off to a specialist. Copywriting can be … [Continue reading]

What the hell is content marketing?


Welcome back to my blog. I won’t pretend you’ve been waiting all summer to see me come back. In truth, you probably forgot about me over the past few months. That’s OK… I did too. I was supposed to re-launch in early September and then, uh, … [Continue reading]

Poker, another pivot, and a palm to the face


Sad news, faithful reader. This will be my last new blog post for the summer. Wait. What? Yes, just a few short weeks ago I announced with excitement that I was taking this blog in a new direction. That, to put it bluntly, was a mistake. … [Continue reading]