5 ways to generate new ideas for your blog

ideasMany blogs follow a predictable pattern: launch with an enthusiastic rush of posts, then taper off and languish.

For some, it takes a year or more to die. Others go feet up after just a couple of weeks.

Why? Because blogging is a pain in the ass, that’s why. (What… You were expecting unbridled enthusiasm?)

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What should you blog about?

blogI struggled a long time with the idea of a blog.

I’m busy. I juggle a day job, the writing I do for web pros like you, and the demands of being a husband and father — not to mention trying to carve out some time for myself. (Game of Thrones starts again on Sunday!)

So before I started this thing, I had a lot of questions about the value of blogging. But even once I put those to rest, others cropped up.

Today I want to answer the big one.

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Why blog? And how often?

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As promised, this week I’m going to start a long series on content marketing tactics. In fact it’ll be so long that it could stretch for months — so don’t expect “part 17” or “chapter 12”… Just know that I’m going to shift gears over here at Blog … [Continue reading]

What makes good website content?

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Two weeks ago I wrote about the “why” of content marketing and called the blog post “part one.” The promise, of course, was that there would be a second part. Well, this is it. Sort of. In thinking about this post I realized I’ve said all I … [Continue reading]

Life’s a beach, etc.


I'm on vacation, trading the dim glow of my Macbook for the warm Aruban sun. If you squint and look to the coast of South America, you can can probably see the glint of my pasty white manboobs from wherever it is you call home. I'll return next … [Continue reading]

The “why” of content marketing, part one


Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about what makes good content. I put a course together over on BC Gurus, and I’ve also been taking a hard look at my own content to see where the gaps are. But it’s the work I’ve been doing with a couple of clients … [Continue reading]